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June '17

Release Notes for Firmware -
And New Road Speed Library April 2017

Thank you for choosing ROAD ANGEL Gem or Gem+

As our roads become busier, more congested and more regulated, staying alert to road and traffic conditions is a challenge to everyone. Even the most conscientious driver can have a momentary lapse of concentration that could easily lead to an accident or a fine and points.

ROAD ANGEL Gem or Gem+ is specially designed to be a simple-to-use addition to any vehicle, to alert and warn you in advance of known danger areas. In the comprehensive ROAD ANGEL Gem+ database, which is automatically updated whilst you drive, are stored Police, Local Authority and Department for Transport designated danger spots, including safety camera locations, accident blackspots, and safety camera vans.

Using the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, ROAD ANGEL Gem or Gem+ compares your position with the known danger spot locations and gives you an audible and visual warning as you approach them. An accurate GPS speedometer in the display gives you time to adjust your driving to the approaching danger.

With over 250,000 miles of road around the UK, knowing the speed limit is often guesswork. Gem+ also has an on-board database of road speed limits, so you will know what the speed limit is, at a glance. Join other ROAD ANGEL Gem or Gem+ users in guarding your life, livelihood and driving licence.

The safety of you and your passengers is our prime consideration, and we trust that for all the miles you drive, your ROAD ANGEL Gem or Gem+ will enhance the safety and enjoyment of your journey.

We are pleased to have you as a valued customer and hope you will be delighted with this new firmware and updated Road Speed Library. Having listened to our customers we think the new features will make this product your perfect driving companion.

New Software Features

  • The Menu key and Up key (to change screens) can now be used during an alert. The Down key can still be used to mute the alert. In older firmware versions, you could not access the menu if an Alert was being displayed
  • Upgrade warning icon to inform you when a newer firmware or an updated Road Speed Library is available and your device needs to be updated by the new Road Angel Gem Updater, which is now available for Mac as well as Windows.
  • Intelligent Mute has been added. Now the alert can be muted at the speed limit, 10% lower, 5% or 10% higher when comparing actual speed to Road Speed Library speed limit. The device will continue to provide visual warnings.
  • Mute all alerts option has been added to mute all sounds.
  • The 'e' button cycles through the mute options, mute all, all sounds, intelligent mute.
  • The mute status is shown as an icon on main and alternate screens.
  • New GPS icon.
  • When Hard Wired Mode is enabled then Auto Standby in the menus is disabled to prevent confusion.
  • The menu button in submenus now takes you back to the main menu rather than closing the menu tree. It also highlights the menu item relating to the sub menu being left.
  • The overspeed audio alert can now be set to repeat and the time between repeats can be set.
  • A warning is now given 10 days before the subscription expires.
  • The process to update the device is now available for a Mac. The software update process has also been made more reliable and responds faster when plugging and unplugging the USB cable.
  • The option to store a mobile camera has been removed as they are no longer in use within the RAG database.
  • New Road Speed Library from HERE - April 2017.