Our passion is to make your journey safer

At Road Angel, we passionately believe that we can help make Britain’s roads safer by educating and empowering motorists to make better decisions about their driving.

We are steeped in incredibly powerful technology, constantly updating our members about the ever-changing speeds and conditions on our busy road network, from variable speed limits and mobile speed cameras to accident black spots and the new Smart Motorways.

Putting people first

However, none of this is possible without the exceptional support of our dedicated team. At Road Angel, we are driven by an ethos that puts our customers and our colleagues at the heart of our decisions.

We believe that technology is an incredible enabler that can drive efficiency and improve quality but we will never lose sight of the fact that it is people who use it.

Even our unrivalled speed library is kept updated with an accuracy and speed that is as close to ‘real time’ as possible by our dedicated team of spotters, or ‘Road Angels’ as we call them.

They are positioned across the country and have one very simple mission, report and record the ever-changing road conditions across the UK to ensure our members are as well informed as possible.

Listening and learning

Every investment we make, every new product we research or develop is created with a people-first mentality.

We are driven by a mission to make motoring safer and more enjoyable for everyone, refining our products through focus groups and Beta-testing to ensure we embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Whilst Road Angel is a proudly British business, harnessing the incredible strength of the UK’s Research and Development skills, we also take a very key concept to heart from another nation known for its incredible innovation - Japan and it’s Kaizen philosophy.

Here’s to continuous improvement and innovation for Britain’s motorists from us at Road Angel.

Our mission

To inspire, educate and empower Britain’s motorists to be better, safer drivers.

Our vision

To be the best-loved and most-trusted technology for Britain’s motorists, helping to play our part in keeping our roads safer for everyone.


Always listening, always improving, always evolving.


Helping to build safer roads for everyone by working together.


Harnessing technology to educate, inspire and make a difference.