Nov '18

Halo Pro - Dual Storage

Accidents can happen at any time. When you think you had full view of the road, there are still times when we can miss what really happened in an accident. You have faith that your dash cam has recorded that information. If your dash cam SD Card fails you could lose important incident footage that may be crucial.

This is why the Halo Pro incorporates D2 Save Technology. Utilising a dual storage configuration, with both internal NAND Flash and an external SD Card. The Halo Pro uses its internal NAND Flash storage to keep vital event and incident recordings safe in case of SD Card failures.

Nov '18

Hi Ho Silver - police using ‘Long Ranger’ camera up to a mile away

A pilot project in Gloucestershire called ‘Operation Indemnis’ set up to tackle speeding and other motoring offences has been launched amid claims the giant police camera can spot offences up to a mile away.

These of course include speeding but also take into account the annoying and hugely dangerous tailgating and thanks to an incredibly powerful lens, it can even spot people using their phone without hands-free.

It’s not just photographs either, this incredibly sophisticated technology can even film motorists in the act at the twice the distance of normal speed cameras.

Police will use the camera and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to check on what vehicles are on the roads and how they are being driven.

The main aim is educational people about safer driving, so some drivers will be given advice about their driving while others, who have committed offences, will be prosecuted.

Martin Surl, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire where the kit is being tested, said;

‘We now have a chance to test a new model of collaborative road policing which, if it proves a success, can be put into practice elsewhere.

'The aim is not just to penalise motorists but to uphold the law by creating a change in people's behaviour. But the police will enforce the law when necessary.'

At Road Angel, we welcome anything that helps make our roads a safer place and our motorists better, safer and more aware of the hazards around them and those that they may cause.

Remember, speed limits are there for a reason as are signs about changing road conditions and the need to switch lanes. Also, please do NOT use your mobile phone behind the wheel, it is hugely dangerous, not to mention illegal.

There are so many options for you to go hands free, take a look at the selection from our friends at Car Audio Centre for ideas for Christmas gifts or if you are concerned about the ever-changing speed limits, you can buy our fantastic Road Angel Pure right here.

Nov '18

New Firmware 617

Working with our GPS supplier, we have developed AGPS - Assisted GPS which will improve satellite lock time after Pure has been off for more than 6 hours, providing you have Mobile signal (EE) in your location

Nov '18

Letting you know when twenty's plenty

New government figures have shown that drivers simply can't get to grips with 20mph speed zones.

The Department of Transport's annual statistics on compliance with speed limits show that some 86% of drivers break 20mph zones, and more in the early hours when that figure can rise to a shocking 94%.

The Department for Transport (DFT) studied over 1,000 cars to come up with their new stats, which show that, last year, while just nine per cent of car drivers break 60mph limits, those travelling in 20mph zones are nearly 10 times more likely to break the law, with average cars speeds tracked at 26mph in the zones. Don't just blame it on car drivers, though. The figures show that 77% per cent of larger bus drivers and 53% of smaller bus drivers also broke the 20mph limits last year. Meanwhile, some 75% of HGVs, 84% of LCVs (light commercial vehicles, or vans) and 85% of motorcyclists; the latter being the worst offenders with an average speed of 27mph in 20mph zones.

Interestingly, the figures show that motorists are keener on 30mph limits, but slightly more than half of car drivers and motorcyclists still sped in these zones.

The DFT's survey was far more widespread when it came to motorways where it monitored over half a million vehicles. Nearly half (48%) of car drivers were observed to be speeding, with 12% exceeding limits by 10mph or more.

Meanwhile, 56% of motorcyclists sped on the motorway, though a higher proportion – 20 per cent – did so by more than 10mph. And just one per cent of HGVs – which, lest we forget, have speed limiters – sped on motorways last year.

These figures have remained static for around seven years now, but that doesn't mean they're not too high. Speed awareness is a moral obligation when driving on the road - whatever the limit, but we understand that signage is not always as clear as it could be.

Here at Road Angel, our products can give you the heads up on exactly what the speed limit so that you steer clear of points on your license, and, more importantly keep the roads safe.

Nov '18

Terminology you may need to know

Hi Guys, We’ve been listening back to some of the feedback we’ve had over the past few months and we think its worth letting you guys know more about some of the terminology you may have heard us use when we’ve been in contact with you.

Road Angel Group Database

This is the alerts database and is maintained by our team of Road Surveyors and our Database Administration team. This database can be updated in real time, sometimes daily. This information is transmitted over the air via the SIM card in the Pure using the EE mobile network. With our new features under development and currently being beta tested, we will also send the data around ‘Smart Motorways’ using the SIM card in real time.

RSL Road Speed Library

We contract this with HERE Maps. We provide approximately quarterly updates and this file is over 400 Mb and is currently updated via the PC and Mac updater, but we have also recently launched an update to the IOS and shortly the android app, allowing the RSL to be updated via your mobile phone – when an update is required there will be a ‘usb’ icon showing on the device and a warning message on power up.


The Pure device has regular firmware updates which control the behaviour of the Pure and allows us to introduce new functionality and resolve bugs. Recently we have added management of the battery at extreme temperatures, we have changed the polling on the GPS receiver to provide a smother response and added new screen options.

Currently we are beta testing ‘Smart Motorways’ and after this, we will introduce ‘snap to road’ to reduce the false alerts when cameras are on parallel roads, but within the distance set in the device. When an update is required to the firmware, there will be a ‘usb’ icon showing on the device and a warning message on power up.

Nov '18

Terminology you may need to know

Since launch we have been making constant improvements to the Pure Firmware mainly centred around the management of GPS.

In firmware version .612 we modified the software to allow 0.5 second polling of the GPS antenna and to support the new GPS module being used in the Mk2. This means the GPS array reaches out to the satellites every half second, rather than once a second, This has the benefit of the speed changing visually on the PURE far smoother for both the Mk 1 and Mk2.

Customers may have noticed a small delay on the first use of between 5 and 10 seconds to acquire a satellite lock, but unless the Pure loses all charge, then this delay will not be seen again.

When the Pure is not used for more than 6 hours, the ephemeris satellite data is no longer valid. GPS satellites transmit information about their location (current and predicted), timing and "health" via what is known as ephemeris data. This data is used by the GPS receivers to estimate location relative to the satellites and thus position on earth. Under these conditions the Pure needs to have a clear view of the sky and the GPS antenna has to go through warm start process to acquire satellites. This can take between 30 seconds with clear skies and a couple minutes with cloudy skies.

In the event that a Pure is fully discharged, again the Pure will take up to 2 minutes to acquire a satellite lock as all the ephemeris satellite data is lost and the Pure will need to establish which GPS receiver it is using.

May '18

Never leave electronics in a hot car

The recent hot weather reminds us summer is creeping up on us. So now is a great time to think about the dangers of leaving any of your electronic devices unprotected in a hot car.

We’ve all heard advice about not leaving children and animals in hot vehicles. But laptops, smartphones, sat Navs, dash cams and other devices are in plenty of danger too.

The reason is that all electronic devices have safe operating temperature ranges. These tend to be around 40C to 85C, this is dependent upon the battery technology used. Many will automatically switch off when they get too hot. But the problems don’t end there. Even when they’re switched off, the safe storage temperature of most electronic devices is in the range of 0C to 85C. It's easy to see that the inside of a car can get much hotter than 75C in just a few minutes.

At best, the rechargeable battery inside your device may experience shorter run times after exposure to high temperatures. At worst, they can stop working completely; In any event they are not able to be charged at temperature above 45C.

Sat Navs and dash cams are built to be more heat-resistant, as they are often hardwired only or with super capacitors as opposed to Li-Ion Batteries. But their smooth operation can be affected by high temperatures – highly inconvenient if you’re just about to set off on a journey. Best advice is always to keep sat Navs and dash cams out of direct sunlight and store them in the glove box or under the seat when they’re not in use. This should preferably be in a padded case and turned off – not just sleeping.

For any electronic device you might be worried about, always check the manufacturer's website or your user manual to get accurate safe operating or storage temperature ranges.

The Road Angel Pure is designed to stop charging at 45C and run at temperatures up to 65C – with the clever magnetic charging dock they can easily be removed for safe storage without the hassle of having to unplug any cables, making it far easier to store during hot weather.

Mar '18

Road Angel PURE drives off with Auto Express’s TOP Spot!

We are delighted to be able to report that the new Road Angel Pure has been given top marks by industry bible Auto Express.

The all new Pure created such a hype and buzz, We were asked by them to send our latest model down to their HQ for a thorough road test as part of their 'Speed camera locators: 2018 group test' as they sought to find the best devices and apps at identifying all types of speed traps on Uk Roads.

As you can imagine, we are absolute delighted to be given the TOP spot with a 5* star rating in their test. Here's what the judges had to say;

It even has Congestion Charge and School Zone warnings. The Pure has been a long time coming but according to Gary Digva, Sales Director at Road Angel Group, it has been worth the wait;

'...more than justifies the cost. It has the biggest and best display and was the most accurate at spotting cameras. We like the way it shows the current limit and warns you if you exceed it. Camera alerts were accurate, and it impressed by ignoring cameras on the opposite side of the road.'

'It can recognise average speed cameras and work out your average, too. The Road Angel app (iOS and Android) enabled us to change settings quickly and easily, and the built-in Wi-Fi allows over-the-air updates. While the subscription is pricey, you get real-time alerts from other users.'

So there you have it. A fantastic review showing that when it comes to quality and performance, the Road Angel Pure is the best on the market.

Have a read of the article by clicking here

To order yours or to find out more click here

Mar '17

Christmas comes early for motorists with launch of new Road Angel Pure

Motorists are in for an early Christmas present this year, with the launch of the new 'Pure' from the iconic GPS technology giant Road Angel.

The Road Angel Pure is the first new speed detection product from the group in over 5 years and has been developed following major investment by new owners, who acquired the business earlier this year.

Their most advanced piece of kit to date, the Pure is packed with a wealth of new features, including high resolution graphics, dynamic sound and touch sensitive buttons. It can be instantly updated at the touch of a button with built in WiFi and features wireless charging via the Smart Mount.

The Road Angel Pure also has built-in cooling, alongside journey tracking and road alert technology, all for increased peace of mind. Other new features include scratch resistant, anti-glare, ‘Gorilla Glass’, a 2.4'' clear sunlight readable TFT screen, auto-dimming based on ambient light, ‘intelligent mute’ and other personalisation options and smartphone configuration.

It even has Congestion Charge and School Zone warnings. The Pure has been a long time coming but according to Gary Digva, Sales Director at Road Angel Group, it has been worth the wait;

"Road Angel is an iconic brand and has been a fixture in many motorists’ vehicles for over a decade. What motorists will now see with the new Pure is the fruits of major investment into R and D by the group. We’ve taken all of the best bits of our ever-popular Gem range and then very simply, we’ve listened to what motorists want."

"What came over loud and clear was a need to be able to set the Road Angel Pure up as the individual wanted to best suit them. So, we’ve done that. We have a huge range of options for people to play with to get the unit working just right for them. We’ve also invested significantly in our team of Road Angels who are out on Britain’s roads logging new limits and restrictions and feeding that back to our team instantly."

"Speed cameras are there for your safety but with ever-changing speed limits, it can be easy to make a mistake. The best drivers see the road ahead and drive to suit the conditions. Our advanced speed camera detector keeps motorists up to date and much safer on the roads. This is our most advanced piece of kit ever and one we look forward to sharing with our loyal customers and hopefully, many new ones too."