Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers in today's age face many challenges whilst out on the road and Road Angel manufacture products which enable the user to be more safety conscious and aware. With so many hazards, a Road Angel device will not only advise you of the road speed limits, but also of fixed safety cameras, mobile speed enforcement sites and other locations where, as a driver, it is advisable to be careful.

The Road Angel is a GPS based device which has an internal alerts database

Road Angel alerts to all Fixed Safety Cameras, including Average Speed Monitoring cameras, Variable Speed Limit Cameras and Fixed Point Safety cameras such as Red Light and Dual Speed & Red Light Cameras. Also included in the database are known locations where Mobile Speed Enforcement has taken place, along with Blackspots, Congestion Zones, Primary School locations and Un-manned/Un-Gated Railway Crossings

There are a number of different types of Speed Camera with Truvelos and Gatso cameras being the most widely used. Average Speed Cameras, commonly known as SPECS, Variable Speed Camera (known as HADECS)

Yes. The Pure has a built in laser detector. In addition to this it also has known Mobile Safety Enforcement locations in the alerts database.

Yes, after a full charge, the built in battery will last 4 – 6 hours

Yes. The Pure has a Road Speed Library database so will display the actual road speed limits

At the current time, No, but this is a feature which will be launched very soon

Yes, in the UK it is. If you are considering taking it abroad, please be aware that devices with laser detection built in, are illegal in a number of EU countries so please check the legalities beforehand

It is very easy to fit a Road Angel Pure into your car. However, should you choose to have the device hard-wired, always seek professional advise from your Auto Electrician.

The Road Angel Pure is an OTA device (Over the Air). The Pure has sim card which enables it to update OTA, which for the customer, this means as soon as we update the information we hold on Camera locations, your PURE gets this information in real time. We also have a number of staff who maintains the alerts database and visit camera locations to verify our data is correct, hence why there is a subscription fee.

Please allow 14 working days for your device to be repaired

The standard warranty for a Road Angel device is 12 months. Extended warranty is available to purchase.


Make sure you are using the website address and go to the Tech Support Section, here you will find all the downloads, release notes and helpful ‘How to Guides’.

Make sure your Pure is connected to your PC or Mac using the lead provided and download the Updater Software from our website, once the Pure has connected to your computer a message should display on screen – Connected to PC. Please also refer to our How to Videos, if you need further assistance.

No, but a new lead for your Pure is supplied in the box. We do NOT recommend using any accessories that did not come with the PURE.

No, but a new dash mount for your Pure is included in the box. The Windscreen mount is available to purchase separately

No. You can either, use the lead provided and connect the Pure to your cigarette lighter or you can have it hardwired into your vehicle – if you choose to have it hardwired then please consult with an Auto Electrician.

Yes. There are display options which allow you to choose, Day, Night or Auto, along with percentage settings

No as we have chosen to use a different type of screen for the Pure

It may do, as long as you have positioned it in the correct place. However, if you experience problems with GPS reception, please get in touch

No, we don’t offer free subscription for the Pure. This will need to be purchased separately.

When a new firmware for your Pure device is available, the USB icon will be display on the screen of your device

You can do this in a couple of ways, firstly, tap the top left button on your Pure until you see a screen showing your serial number. On this screen you will also see when your device is due for a renewal of the subscription. You can also find this information out by connecting your Pure to your PC and launching the updater. The Updater panel will also show your subscription status.

The Pure uses an adhesive windscreen mount so isn’t suitable to be moved from one vehicle to another. However, if you require a second Windscreen mount, we may be able to offer you discount on another mount.

You can do this in one of two ways, either by using your mobile phone or via a PC or Mac. When using a Mobile Phone, download the Road Angel app from your App Store , connect the device to the phone via the WiFi and choose the ‘Read Device’ option – here you can change the settings. To change the settings via the Pc, connect the device to the PC and wait for the Updater to launch. When it does, select the ‘Configure’ button in the top right and view the options. If you need help with this, please let us know.


We do NOT recommend using any accessories that are not supplied with the PURE. 3rd party accessories may potentially alter the voltage / ampage and effect the operation of the PURE in a detrimental way. We cannot be responsible if you use 3rd party accessories.

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