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Author: Chloe Fair

  1. When can you park on yellow lines?

    When can you park on yellow lines? Parking on yellow lines is one of the most commonly discussed topics among drivers in the UK. What are the rules that dictate when you are allowed to park on a yellow line? What is different about double yellow lines? This blog will inform you of the places you are able to park during the week and any consequences of breaking these rules. What Read more
  2. How to Hardwire a Dash Cam

    How to Hardwire a Dash Cam Hardwiring a dash cam to your fuse box is a common installation method. This blog gives you easy to follow instructions to hardwire your dash cam. Learn more about how to get your dash camera set up with a hardwire kit. What does hardwiring a dash cam mean? Hardwiring is a common method of installation among dash cam users all over the world. A Read more
  3. When should you report a car accident?

    When should you report a car accident? What are my legal requirements if I am involved in a road accident? The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that if you are involved in an accident while driving a vehicle and cause damage or injury, you must stop to exchange information with the other party involved.  This includes: - Vehicle registration - Full name  - Address Make sure Read more
  4. Speed Camera Detector Buying Guide

    What does a speed camera detector do? Safety camera detectors, otherwise known as speed camera detectors, are intended to warn the user of a potential speed camera which they may be approaching. This includes fixed Gatso speed cameras, SPECS speed cameras and even mobile safety camera vans. Advanced speed camera detectors can also give you the Read more
  5. New Driving Laws For 2021

    With lockdown restrictions gradually being eased in the UK, this year is set to be a year of significant change, especially for drivers. From MOT extension deadlines to the introduction of green number plates, drivers should stay up to date with the new driving laws for 2021. We have summarised the major driving law changes to watch out for below Read more
  6. Does A Dash Cam Lower Insurance?

    Does A Dash Cam Lower Insurance? Dash cam footage is increasingly being accepted in insurance claims and can even lead to insurance discounts. Motorists who install dash cams can use them to demonstrate safe driving and show who is at fault in a road accident, something which can save each party a lot of time and money. In fact, dash cam footage is now widely used by police and Read more

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