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Parking FAQs

Parking FAQs

Parking rules in the UK can get confusing and may be easily misunderstood. If you struggle to understand what the UK parking rules mean, you are in the right place to learn.

How close can I park to a junction?

It is stated in the highway code that you must not park opposite a junction and must be at least 10 meters (32 feet) away. Parking too close to a junction can make it difficult for other drivers trying to turn in or out due to the obstruction of vehicles. 

Can I park on yellow lines?

Single Yellow line

Rule 238 of the highway code states that you MUST NOT park or wait on a single yellow line during times of operation. Look for nearby road signs or road marking to find out what these times of operation are (most often office hours 9 AM-6 PM but may vary). You can usually stop to pick up or drop off passengers unless there are signs that clearly state not to.

Double Yellow lines

rule 238 of the highway code states that double yellow lines “indicate a prohibition of waiting at any time even if there are no upright signs”. This means that in most cases there should be no stopping or waiting on double yellow lines at any time, even if there are no signs to display operation times. If there are no signs, you should assume that any parking or stopping on the yellow lines is prohibited at all times.

Can I park on zig zag lines?

Yellow and white zig zag lines are in place to prohibit the parking of any vehicle. By parking on zig zag lines, you may end up with a fine to pay and even a penalty point on your license. 

Yellow zig zag lines can be found outside or nearby a hospital, fire or police station. They are in place to prevent vehicles from being left stationary on these zig zag lines as it may cause obstruction to nearby emergency services.

White zig zag lines can be found surrounding pedestrian crossings. These lines are in place to prohibit parking and overtaking. Parked cars on white lines may cause an obstruction to the pedestrian’s view, making it dangerous for them to cross the road. 

Do parking restrictions apply on bank holidays?

Yes. If there are no signs to clearly state that parking restrictions do not apply in a certain area during a bank holiday, you should assume that parking restrictions still apply. 

E.g if a sign clearly says no parking Mon-Sat, you must not park your vehicle in the restricted area on a bank holiday Monday.