The latest round of Road Angel firmware and PC/Mac software updates have just landed, they promise improved functionality across the board and a much easier end-user experience.
The latest Firmware and software updates fall in line with the addition of the Smart Motorways feature recently added to the Road Angel Pure, but the same easy setup and simple configuration now compliments even more comprehensive live data streams to ensure your license stays safe. Please make sure you’ve updated the latest version in order to enjoy all of the new features that we’ve built in.
As of February 4th 2019, the latest PC/Mac Updater and the Road Angel Smartphone application have both undergone a few changes for improved functionality in response to the recent Road Angel survey. This will bring a number of benefits to customers and make the Pure even more user friendly as a result. A number of changes, bug fixes and improvements have been made along the way. It is important that you update to the latest version of all three elements.
Recent changes to the firmware update, includes a 3-month free trail of the integration with UK Smart Motorways. This makes the Pure the only device of its kind with this technology and is directly linked to the DoT database for variable speed change updates within 2 minutes of them actually taking effect with the Department Of Transport.
Then there’s a 70mph dual carriageway update, revised stolen message, new boot up screen and a January 2019 Road Speed Library update.
In short, the revisions make the Road Angel Pure even more robust in preventing a speeding ticket due to a momentary lapse of concentration. Users will also benefit from a revised power down screen, searching for satellites screen and a fix for the 5mph speed limit that was picked up on trails where automotive access isn’t allowed.
We can’t shout loudly enough about the Smart Motorways update, and firmware update 623 brings that often misunderstood section of variable road network under close scrutiny, all to ensure no points for even the most seasoned motorway user.
In line with these firmware updates, the PC / Mac and Smartphone updater has also been improved for a smoother user experience (Road Angel Updater 557).
This again falls in line with the Smart Motorways feature, and you can now reset the settings back to default, change voice volume and system volume as separate entities and check for the latest firmware updates as well. A host of bug fixes and UI improvements also make themselves known, but few will probably notice the difference as overall interaction with the unit remains handsfree and trouble free until you actually require it to slow you down slightly.
Our R&D team has also completed extensive testing of our GPS sensor technology through a variety of heated front windscreens. We’re delighted to report that the device is fully compatible with all heated front screen models tested. For vehicles fitted with solar control windscreens however, as with all sat-nav and mobile devices, the Pure will not work correctly. Please bear this in mind if you have a vehicle thus equipped.
All in all, February is looking like a very positive month for the Road Angel Pure user, and we’re glad to continually evolve and improve and product that’s always going from strength to strength.