Spain introduces new camera tech system - but will it come to the UK?

Spain introduces new camera tech system - but will it come to the UK?

New speed camera technology is being trialled in Spain which can detect when drivers are braking sharply when approaching speed cameras.

The move has laudable aims - to try and cut mortality rates on the infamously speedy Spanish highways and is being launched by the Directorate-General for Traffic, which is part of the Spanish government's Department of the Interior.

On April 1, Spain published figures which showed 73 deaths had occurred in road traffic accidents in March. This figure represents a 27% decrease in the accident rate compared to the same month in 2019. Some 11 of the deceased were not using safety accessories at the time of the accident (10 belts and 1 helmet). So far this year, 252 people have died on Spanish roads.

To try and encourage Spanish motorists to drive more sensibly, the Spanish government's new system will use two cameras a short distance apart. This is designed to capture a more comprehensive picture of the road and a greater distance travelled - effectively capturing the activity of the vehicle between the two fixed points. The Spanish government says the new system detects braking before passing the first camera and those who start accelerating above the speed limit once they have passed the second camera.

We'll be keeping a close eye on these developments. If proved successful, the new system could be rolled out to other countries - including the UK. Of course, the best way to circumnavigate any speed camera system - and ensure you drive responsibly - is to invest in our comprehensive range of Road Angel Speed camera awareness!

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