Verso Parking Aid System - Gloss Black

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Our gloss black reversing sensor system guarantees a safer ending to your journey every time you get behind the wheel! Our Verso Parking Aid System includes 4 ultrasonic sensors, an auto-recognition function that takes into account appendages to your vehicle such as bike racks, and a customisable sound system that allows you to control and set the volume to your preferences. With its self-testing system, you can ensure that our reversing products are always working at their best.

All of our parking sensor systems are paintable, so if our gloss black doesn’t match your car never fear! Our parking aids are guaranteed to work even when painted. So what are you waiting for? Become a safer and more responsible driver today!

Make parking easier with the Road Angel Verso Parking Aid System. This kit comes with 4 gloss black ultra sonic sensors, a hole saw and all the wiring you require to get the sensors installed onto your vehicle with ease. The ultra sonic sensors are fully paintable allowing you to match them to the colour of your vehicle and still perform to their fullest. The Verso Parking Aid System comes with Auto Recognition which makes it capable of detecting bike racks, Towbars and Spare wheels applied to the vehicle. The system also comes with an adjustable volume setting and buzzer alert allowing you to set the volume to the ideal level in your vehicle. The Verso features a self testing function ideal for testing the sensors once applied to the vehicle and during any time after. The Road Angel Verso is a universal Parking Aid System ideal for any vehicle big or small.
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