Gem+ Deluxe is Auto Express Recommended winner for 2016
Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe

Leading the next generation

With all the features of Road Angel Gem+, the Deluxe also includes 4 extra accessories to both enhance the unit and improve your own road safety.

Gem+ has optional mounts

Optional Mounts

With the Gem+ Deluxe, you’ll have two different mounting kits so you can easily switch the unit between cars and choose a position that best suits you.


Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe allows you to program your unit to power on/off with your car’s ignition, so as long as you’re driving your Gem+ will be on and there to help improve your road safety.

Hardwiring the unit also keeps your dashboard free from wires and looking untidy.

With all the Feature Highlights of Gem+

  • Camera alerts

    Alerts to safety cameras

    Gem+ will alert you to fixed, mobile, average and red light cameras as well as danger zones such as schools & level crossings.

  • Road speed limits

    Road speed limits

    Gem+ clearly displays the appropriate speed of the road you’re travelling on, and continuously reads the speed of your vehicle to alert you if you are over the limit.

  • eAssist Feature

    eAssist™ emergency call

    Should you be involved in an accident, eAssist™ connects you directly to a Secure Operating Centre that can call the emergency services and pin point your location via GPS.

  • Road and vehicle categorisation

    Road and vehicle categorisation

    Tailor your alerts to suit the road and vehicle that you’re travelling in.

Why Choose Road Angel Gem?

Why choose Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe?

  • The UK’s No. 1 safety camera and blackspot alert system
  • Displays legal speed limits of roads travelled
  • Automatic updates to the safety camera database every few minutes, as you drive
  • SpeedShare™ feature that allows you to suggest new or revised road speeds
  • CameraShare™ feature that allows you to share the locations
    of LIVE safety camera vans
  • Sleek design with full colour, easy to use interface that you can customise to your taste
  • eAssist™ feature that in the event of an accident manually or automatically generates a voice link to a Secure Operating Centr who can contact the emergency services & pin point your GPS location
  • Full range of Gem+ accessories included
Why you need a Gem+

Why do I need a Gem+?

Safety Tips

What's in the box

  • Gem+ vehicle charger

    12/24V Vehicle Charger

  • Road Angel Gem+

    Road Angel Gem+

  • Gem+ mains power

    240V/50Hz Mains Charger

  • Gem Dashmount

    Dash mount

  • 2x USB Cables

    2x USB to mini USB Cables - 1m & 2.5m

  • Gem+ quick start guide

    Quick Start Guide

  • Protective Pouch

    Protective Pouch

  • Gem Hardwire Kit

    Hardwire Kit

  • Gem Windscreen Mount

    Windscreen Mount

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