Dash Cams:
Meet Our Award-Winning Dash Cam Range, Halo

What are Dash Cams?

Dash cams are small digital video cameras that are mounted inside a vehicle, typically on the dashboard or windshield. They continuously record the view through the vehicle’s front windscreen and sometimes rear or other windows. Some dash cams come with additional features such as GPS tracking, night vision, motion detection, and the ability to automatically save footage when a collision is detected, such as our Halo Ultra dash cam!

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NEW - Road Angel Halo Drive 2 1440p QHD Dash Cam (Now Type C )
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Road Angel Halo Go 1080p Full HD Compact Dash Cam- B-Stock
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Dash Cams, Dash Cam, Road Angel Dash Cam, Road Angel Halo Ultra

4k epic

Halo Ultra Dash Cam

Which? Award Winning. 4K Quality.

4K | 64GB | ADAS

Dash Cams, Dash Cam, Road Angel Dash Cam, Road Angel Halo Pro

dual sight

Halo Pro Dash Cam

Designed for maximum protection; front and back.

2K | GPS | G-Sensor

Why do I need a Dash Cam?

You may need a dash cam to capture any unexpected incidents that occur while driving.

Dash cams provide an extra layer of protection, as they can record any potential evidence should you be involved in an accident or have an unfortunate experience with another motorist.

Dash cams can also be used to detect road hazards or incidents, alerting you to potential problems ahead and providing you with a record of events in case of any legal issues.

Dash cams can also provide a sense of security, allowing you to be more at ease while driving. In addition, many dash cams come with features such as parking surveillance, lane departure warnings, and collision detection, all of which can help to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Ultimately, they can be a valuable tool to have while driving, helping to provide peace of mind and protection during your journeys.

Halo View Dash Cam

Rear View Mirror

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Dash Cams, Dash Cam, Road Angel Dash Cam, Road Angel Halo Drive

Halo Drive Dash Cam

2K - Perfect Daily Driver

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Dash Cams, Dash Cam, Road Angel Dash Cam, Road Angel Halo Go

Halo Go Dash Cam

1080p | For smaller journeys

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Dash Cams, Dash Cam, Dash Cam Fitting, Dash Cam Installation

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Get your Dash Cam Professionally Installed at Halfords

Dash Cams, Dash Cam, Dash Cam 24/7 Recording

stay protected when parked with our Halo dash cams

24/7 Recording

Dash Cams, Dash Cam, Dash Cam Winter Mode

our dash cams capture on the coldest days

Winter Heating Mode

Dash Cams, Dash Cam

no distraction dash cams

Our Dash Cams have Discreet and Automatic Recording

Dash Cam Micro SD Storage

record up to 42 days of footage

128GB MicroSD Storage Capacity

Want to learn more about Dash Cams?

A dash cam is a small camera mounted in a vehicle that continuously records road footage onto a memory card, overwriting old files as needed. It can save important events during accidents, provides GPS data, and allows users to review footage on a computer or app.

A dash cam works by continuously recording video footage while you drive. It stores this footage on a memory card in a loop, overwriting old files as needed to ensure there's always recent data. Some models can detect and save important events, like accidents, using built-in sensors. Users can review the recorded footage on a computer or mobile app for various purposes, including documenting road trips or providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes.

To install a dash cam, clean the desired location on your windshield or dashboard, then securely attach the dash cam using the provided mounting hardware. Connect the power cable to your vehicle's outlet or hardwire it, insert a memory card, and configure settings. Ensure proper alignment and functionality before driving.

Whether a dash cam is worth it depends on your individual needs. It can provide evidence in accidents, enhance security, capture road trips, and potentially lead to insurance discounts.

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