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Crash for Cash, Crash for Cash Scam
Dash Cams

Crash for Cash Scams on the Rise: Protecting Your Vehicle and Your Savings

As Crash for Cash scams are the rise, we want to bring awareness to the insurance fraudsters that are intentionally crashing into UK motorists in their thousands, road safety experts have warned. H...
Is Waze a force for good or for evil?
Car Technology

Is Waze a force for good or for evil?

Waze has caused a lot on controversy over it's lifetime, with users wondering whether it's legal to use Waze, whether Waze is accurate or not, whether Waze detects speed cameras or not, and much mo...
What is the most dangerous car colour to have?, Dangerous Car Colours
Driver Safety

What is the most dangerous car colour to have?

When it comes to buying a new car, colour is everything - so thinking "what is the most dangerous car colour to have?" is actually quite a common question. Drivers should think carefully about what...

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