RA-X SERIES | enhance your cars connectivity

Integrated Smart Stereos

7” Touchscreen with Smartphone Connectivity

With advanced iOS/Android compatibility, stream music, podcasts take HANDSFREE calls and much more. A hub of connectivity, all displayed on a bright and brilliant 7" capacitive touchscreen.

All your favourite apps

From Google Maps, to Waze, to Apple Music and Spotify - all your favourite apps from your mobile device now link seamlessly in your car.




Using your phone while driving is illegal

And you don't have to

Our Connected Stereos connect with your phone, so now you can interact with your favourite assistant (Siri or Google) to open your apps and set up directions.

Parking Assist

External Camera Functionality

Buy an optional reverse camera and wire the camera functionality allowing you to add a camera as a parking aid when visibility is low

Helping you keep your eyes on the road for safer driving

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Road Angel Stereo seamlessly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, ensuring local laws are obeyed. Wireless hands-free calling and music streaming with artist, album and song search. Simple pairing and control make life in your vehicle safer and more convenient.