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4K Front Dash Camera With Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Product Manual = Quick Start Guide

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Aura HD4

4K UHD Loop-recording dash cam

Capture every driving moment in cinema quality footage. Our Halo Ultra dashcam using the latest technology in image capture and processing. This allows you to capture all the small moments in BIG detail.


Halo Ultra helps you to...

Get the evidence of any accidents

If you are involved in an accident, you will have footage straight on your Smart phone via Wi-Fi

Reduce your insurance premiums

Some insurers will give a lower insurance rate if you have a dash cam recording in your vehicle

Improve your driving

Knowing you are being recorded can help to improve your own driving and road safety

4K Footage controlled from your Smart phone


Reviews from users of the Road Angel Halo Ultra

Awarded to the Halo Ultra Dash Cam


4K UHD Resolution

The Halo Ultra is the first dash cam equipped with the latest generation of the SONY IMX415 image sensor. Extending the recording distance and clarification of obsticles hard to read by the naked eye.

4k UHD Resolution

5Ghz Ultra-fast Wi-Fi

The Halo Ultra supports 5Ghz Wi-Fi creating less interference. This means transfer speeds are increased by up to 300% enabling faster and smoother download and playback of recorded footage and imagery.

5Ghz Ultra fast Wifi

Get peace of mind with the Halo Ultra

  • 4K UHD Loop-recording ensure crisp video footage for use as and when you need it.

  • Parking Mode ensures your car is protected even when your engine is off and you are away from the car.

  • Capture more of the road and any uexpected events with the huge 140 degree wide angled lens.

  • App controlled from your Smart phone allows for quick data transfer and ease of use.

  • G-Sensor detects sudden acceleration and deceleration during your journey.

  • Internal storage option that contains 64GB Capacity.

  • Built-in GPS allows the Halo Ultra to track your journey, locations and speed with extensive telematric data.

  • Winter heating mode ensures frost-free recording on those cold winter nights.

Built-in eMMC Memory

Combined with the aforementioned 5Ghz Wi-Fi the transfer of storage data and accessibilty ensure data quality remains ultra high definition with lightening transfer speeds ensuring shorter waiting times and zero buffering.

Built-in eMMC Memory

ADAS - Road monitoring conditions and advice

The new Halo Ultra uses the latest ADAS technology to monitor traffic conditions whilst driving. The Halo Ultra can be used to make the driver aware of pedestrians, vehicle proximity, lane departure violations and other potential hazards.

Built-in GPS & Telematics

The Halo Ultra is equipped with built-in GPS hardware tracking and storing your journey, locations and travelling speeds. Alongside the GPS data the Halo Ultra also records telematic information including detailed analysis of acceleration, breaking and cornering. This information is tracked along every part of your journey with GPS map backup and cross referencing for easy playback and and when you may need the information.




GPS data





App Connectivity

  • Built-in Wifi for fast data transfer.

  • iOS and Android app connectivity available from your favourite app store.

  • Live footage preview.

  • Download and edit recorded footage.

  • View driver performance.

App Connectivity

  • Select precise footage points and download.

  • Download still images from your recorded footage.

  • Download and save to your Smart phone footage via the Halo app.

  • Export to social media and forward via 3rd party apps.

Additional Features

Lower Car Insurance

Insurance companies increasingly aware of the value of owning a dash cam when quoting premiums.

Discreet Appearance

With visible screen to distract the driver, the Halo Ultra is so discreet that you forget it's there until needed.

Winter Heating Mode

The winter heating mode ensures the windscreen remains clear from frost and ice even on the coldest of nights.

  • Alert Types / Extras ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Lane Departure Warning, Onward Collision Warning, Front Car Movement Warning, Winter Mode, True Parking Mode

  • Recording Resolution 4K 2160p

  • Viewing Angle 140oC

  • Memory 64GB In-Built

  • Sound Optional Recording

  • Connectivity USB Type C

  • Image Sensor Sony IMX415

  • Battery Protection Variable Voltage Battery Cut-Off

  • Power Input 5V USB C

  • Processor HiSilicon 3559

  • Dimensions 111mm x 35mm x 50mm

  • Halo Ultra
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 3m Sticker
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Trim Tool
  • Stactic Sticker
  • Type C Power Cable
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