Road Angel Pure Wireless Windscreen Mount Pack

This wireless charging Windscreen mount is a neat a sturdy platform on which for your new PURE to sit on while you drive.
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Road Angel Pure Wireless Windscreen Mount Pack

Introducing the perfect companion for the PURE. Our Pure Wireless Windscreen Mount is a sturdy and secure platform for your speed camera detector. Our windscreen mount gets rid of all fiddly wires and allows for wireless charging.

Forget everything you know about windscreen mounts. The redesigned Road Angel Pure Wireless Windscreen Mount removes all need for trailing cables, messy wires, awkward plugs, and connectors. Perfect for the Road Angel PURE. Available as a windscreen and dash mount to suit you and your vehicle’s needs.

The PURE Wireless Windscreen Mount features new and improved wireless charging via the magnetic wireless base technology. Reduce the need to mess around with wires. Combined with the all-new Road Angel PURE, our new windscreen mount offers you the best in road safety awareness.

Pack Contains

Pure Windscreen Mount

Micro USB Power Cable

Dual USB Adapter

3 Screen Mount Adhesive Pads

2 Alcohol Wipes

*This Product Uses a 3M Adhesive Pad.
*The Charging Mechanism Is Wireless the power input is not.
*Pure pictured is not included . Sold separately.

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