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Dual Laser Detection,
covering you from all angles

*vehicle specification and driving variables may cause interference with in-build detection

Mobile Camera Vans

Laser Detection

Safety Camera Alerts

Scanning the road ahead, the Pure ensures you are aware of your driving before the cameras.
The Pure ensures you are aware of any hidden laser cameras before they see you.
The Pure alerts you to the presence of fixed safety cameras to be extra aware of driving safety.

Works within the EU*

*Not all features are available in all countries. Additional Passport Bolt-On subscription required

Red light cameras

Bus lane cameras

Average speed camera

Traffic lights are extremely hazardous areas of the road network and the Pure ensures you are aware.
Encroaching into Bus Lanes within active hours is illegal and the pure reminds you of the rules.
The Pure can ensure you maintain the average speed of the roads restrictions.

Bluetooth voice alerts
into your vehicles stereo*

*Feature due out in Q3 2021, images for illustration purposes only

Overspeed alerts

Blackspot alerts

School zone alerts

Preference lead overspeed alerts warns the driver when they are approaching the road speed limit.
The DOT database provides alerts to areas of high accident rates to alert the driver to take extra care.
School zone alerts warns the driver when approaching areas where children are likely to be.

Touchscreen technology allowing customization
when vehicle is stationary

Smart Motorways Lane Closure

Variable speed limit changes

Smart Motorway Speed Cameras*

Smart Motorways have the ability to close a lane in an instant. The Pure ensures remain alert when you miss the gantry.
Smart Motorways have the ability to change the speed limit in an instant. The Pure ensures remain alert when you miss the gantry.
Smart Motorways are able to change the rules in an instant, as a result cameras are watching at every turn. Ensure you don't get caught out.
*Additional subscription required

Works perfectly in
vehicles with heated and solar windscreens*

*May require additional accessory

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  • RyanFerries - 2 years ago
    Why does my road angle pure touch always coming up with WIFI configuration failed, please try using the app?

    Hello Mr. Ferries, While trying to configure wifi, the password is case sensitive and you will need to use the app initially to configure. There is a video available on Youtube which guides you about the setup process and here's the link for it - h...
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