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Whether you need support for your Road Angel PURE, GEM or your HALO, you can find everything you need to know here.



Manufactured: 2019 >



Pure Touch settings are configured via the Smartphone App. Firmware is updated via the Pure Touch automatically.

App Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch | Android 4.1 and up

  • All public released firmware versions with associated changes

  • 0.11.16

    Released: 19/8/2020

    1. Fix: Don’t sleep when installing RSL update
    2. Fix: Smart motorways could stop working sometimes
  • 0.11.11

    Released: 16/6/2020

    1. No changes
  • 0.11.9

    Released: 21/4/2020

    1. Live camera van icon now flashes
    2. Include IMEI in System Info
    3. Add menu system
    4. Add local Volume and Brightness controls
    5. WiFi is now off by default, enable from menu when needed
    6. Update menu option for downloading new RSL
    7. Double tap on icons for shortcut into menu
    8. Show icon when settings updated by app and when data sent or received
    9. Icon on main screen when new RSL available
    10. Add fatigue alert
    11. Add Lost/Stolen state
    12. Say Welcome to Pure Touch on startup
    13. Don’t voice speed on safety alerts like blackspot
    14. WiFi/Mobile icon goes green on server connection
    15. Fix: display NE on compass
    16. Fix: lower laser sensitivity
  • 0.10.2

    Released: 28/02/2020

    1. Fixed an issue where the Alerts Database could show 00000
  • 0.10.1

    Released: 26/02/2020

    1. Fixed an issue where RSL installation during onboarding would not complete
  • 0.10.0

    Released: 25/02/2020

    1. Auto standby stays on power for 1 hour, maintains GPS info
    2. Check subs expiry date, support speedo mode
    3. Show GPS signal strength in system info
    4. Rework time handling to acquire network time faster and reliably
    5. Added global sound configuration options
    6. Live camera van sharing
    7. Fix: Don't repeat voice warning for same alert
    8. Fix: Don't shutdown from sleep mode if power is connected
    9. Fix: Show expiry date in UK format
    10. Fix: Smart Motorways sometimes failed to work until rebooted
    11. Fix: Drop and restore WiFi connection as device moves in and out of range
    12. Fix: Allow wifi and subs to be unset
    13. Fix: Alerts on residential roads could be mis-located
  • 0.9.0

    Released: 31/01/2020

    1. Improve smart motorway speed
    2. Add Caution/Warning prefix to sound files
    3. Show WiFI SSID in system info
    4. Show 24 hour clock
    5. Fix: Don't show speed limit 0 on safety alerts
    6. Fix: Use lowest of alert speed and smart motorway speed
    7. Fix: Overspeed loop options
    8. Fix: Cancel alert when leaving road
    9. Fix: Don't cancel smart motorway fetches if first one fails
  • 0.8.4

    Released: 24/01/2020

    1. Improved 4G cellular connection
    2. Improved firmware update over mobile connection
    3. Improved shake to wake / Auto standby
    4. Improved auto brightness control
    5. New on-boarding timeout messages
    6. Improved feedback on WiFi connection status
    7. Improved System information display style
    8. New icon when settings are updated
    9. New firmware downloading and update ready icons
    10. Fix for time displayed in wrong location
    11. Fix for new alerts that were not downloading
  • 0.7.1

    Released: 10/01/2020

    1. AGPS support for faster GPS lock
    2. Faster startup and loading indicators
    3. Reduce network traffic
    4. Fix hang when device is powered off
    5. Show an error if WiFi password is incorrect
    6. Keep network connection when moving between Mobile and WiFi signals
    7. Update screen when GPS lock is lost
    8. Update Alert Database version correctly
    9. Detect short circuit on external GPS antenna
    10. Low battery alert message
    11. Show time on GPS screen
    12. Fix GPS antenna unknown message
    13. Block popup messages during onboarding
    14. Improve some onboarding text
  • 0.5.2

    Released: 23/12/2019

    1. Initial Public Release


Manufactured: 2018 >

Firmware version:
Database version: 1000555



  • All public released firmware versions with associated changes


    Released: 16/09/2020

    1. New Road Speed Library (version 2020.03)
    2. Future firmware and RSL updates can now be downloaded Over the Air. Updating from PC or Mac is still supported but no longer required.
    3. Intelligent mute support for camera van alerts

    Released: 08/04/2020

    1. Road Speed Library (version 2020.02)
    2. Extend support for showing overspeed when speeding during an alert to all alert types

    Released: 18/02/2020

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - February 2020

    Released: 22/10/2019

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - October 2019

    Released: 04/10/2019

    1. Bug fixes & Improvements

    Released: 30/07/2019

    1. Fix for the Bus Lane Camera feature being able to toggle on/off
    2. Further improvements to the Snap to Road feature

    Released: 09/07/2019

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - July 2019
    2. Snap to Road Feature
    3. Bus Lane Camera Support

    Released: 16/05/2019

    1. Smart Polling for Smart Motorways. Changed the polling logic to help with power management and discharging.

    Released: 26/03/2019

    1. Fix to cancel an alert if you are no longer on the road containing the alert
    2. Fix to restore some missing specs cameras
    3. Fix for cameras that could be 10-20 meters off where they should be
    4. Fix for voice alerts when entering an average speed zone not at the start
    5. Fix for hardwire mode will now only activate once power has been connected
    6. Fix for missing speeds for Average Speed cameras
    7. Fix for occasionally requiring a restart to restore road speed and alert updating
    8. Fix where alerts were not deleted in some cases
    9. Fix where camera van and fixed camera sounds could not be set independently
    10. Fix for the DST time offset
    11. Update the firmware update available message

    Released: 22/02/2019

    1. 1 minute polling for Smart Motorways
    2. Fix for split voice volume

    Released: 04/02/2019

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - February 2019
    2. Smart Motorway Feature - 3 Month Trial
    3. Fix for 70mph dual carriageways where the carriageways are widely separated were being reported as 60mph
    4. Improve robustness when Road Speed Library is updated
    5. Fix for 5mph speed limit that was picked up from nearby trails with no car access
    6. Add Smart Motorway Information to Unit Data page
    7. Removal of grey map graphic, replace with “Pure” blue background
    8. Revised "stolen” device" message
    9. New "boot up" screen
    10. New "power down" screen
    11. New "searching for satellites" screen
    12. New "firmware availability" notice now needs dismissing by user pressing a button

    Released: 09/11/2018

    1. Adds use of Assisted GPS which will improve GPS lock time in some situations

    Released: 22/10/2018

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - October 2018

    Released: 12/09/2018

    1. Correct check for being an HGV in Scotland
    2. Resend IMEI info when subscription is gained
    3. Poll period of 0.5s with Antenova GPS
    4. Fix for sound issue with Bell and Dit
    5. Fix for boot loop and reboots when connecting to USB
    6. New Camera Van icons
    7. New behavior for Live Camera Van
    8. Telit support
    9. Mute current alert
    10. Disable demo mode
    11. Correct phone number
    12. Fix error with low battery showing when actually fully charged

    Released: 08/08/2018

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - July 2018
    2. 5 Day Subscription Trial Mode
    3. Fix for Some database changes we made were still being alerted to devices after a full update from the server
    4. Fix for sounds on the device stopped after 30-60 Minutes continued use
    5. The Temperature at Which the Pure Forces a Shutdown has been raised to 65℃
    6. Improvements to the Charging algorithm for all round better power performance

    1. Bug fixes & Improvements

    1. Bug fixes & Improvements

    1. Bug fixes & Improvements

    1. Bug fixes & Improvements

    1. Bug fixes & Improvements


Manufactured: 2012-2017

Firmware version:
Database version: 185867



  • All public released firmware versions with associated changes


    Released: 27/03/2020

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update – 2020 Q2

    Released: 18/02/2020

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - February 2020

    Released: 20/10/2020

    1. Bug fixes & Improvements

    Released: 02/10/2019

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - October 2019

    Released: 24/07/2019

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - July 2019

    Released: 26/03/2019

    1. Road Speed Library (RSL) Update - March 2019
    2. Fix bug where alerts were not deleted in some cases
    3. Add Database ID to unit data screen
    4. Fix for the DST time offset




Manufactured: 2018 >




Manufactured: 2018 >



  • All public released firmware versions with associated changes


    Released: 24/07/2019

    1. Fixed an issue where the Halo Pro could show the wrong time.

    Released: 02/04/2019

    1. Fixed An issued with iPhones running iOS 12+ using mobile data along with Wi-Fi data streaming.
    2. Added new voice sounds.


Manufactured: 2018 >


Manufactured: 2018 >



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