1. Effectiveness of Policies to Reduce Drivers’ Speed

    Effectiveness of Policies to Reduce Drivers’ Speed By now, the notion that speeding kills is a cliché that we have all heard to the extent that no sensible person would argue against it. Indeed, this cliché is supported by research demonstrating a simple reduction of 10km/h as being associated with a 28% decrease in pedestrian-motorist collisions, with a 67% decrease in major and fatal injuries [ Read more
  2. Sounds Like Heaven: Road Angel Car Stereos

    Sounds Like Heaven: Road Angel Car Stereos That’s right, the Brits have entered the chat. In a market dominated by mainstream Japanese brands, UK-based tech firm Road Angel has just released its flagship car stereo. With a sleek and minimalist design to rival any stereo in the current market, the question remains—what specs and features does the new Road Angel RA-X721DAB have? Coming Read more
  3. Advances in Cruise Control

    Advances in Cruise Control When looking at trends over time, we find that UK roads exemplify some of the best in the world for road safety. However, until there are no road incidents that cause injury or death, there is always more to achieve. Human error is known to be the main influence of road incidents, with speeding estimated to account for 42% [1]. Reducing speeding Read more
  4. Automated Vehicles: Artificial Intelligence or Stupidity?

    Automated Vehicles: Artificial Intelligence or Stupidity? Whether set on far-flung planets or here on our humble planet, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) has produced many popular stories that shine a light on not just who we currently are, but who we could be. Granted, they are mostly preventative lessons about what not to do, given that they typically show how technology can decimate society. Peel back the Read more
  5. Speed Limit…less?

    Speed Limit…less? Speed limits are known to reduce speed. In turn, this leads to safer roads because slower speeds mean that drivers have more time to react to developing hazards, or the impact will be less severe if a road incident occurs due to a lower velocity of force. Speed limits exist as a positive measure. Common sense, right? Reversing the logic, Read more
  6. Speed Cameras: Friend or Foe?

    Speed Cameras: Friend or Foe? Imagine you are in a convertible car. It’s the height of summer. The sunroof is down. The crisp whisper of a breeze licks your skin as you drive on a long, straight road. There are no other cars around. You look around and think this is the exact reason you enjoy driving. It’s the exhilarating rush of pride taken when you consider that this is Read more
  7. Driven to Distraction

    Driven to Distraction Drive. It’s in us all. The drive to achieve greatness. The drive to make a genuine positive change. The drive to be the best. All these things are how we operate here at Road Angel. Our goal is to make the roads the safest we have ever seen so that we can reach the United Nation’s global goal of reaching zero road deaths by 2050. Trends show Read more
  8. Review of Road Angel Halo Ultra by "The Review Smiths"

    Review of Road Angel Halo Ultra by The Halo Ultra from Road Angel comes packed with features to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road, this 4K front-facing dash cam is the first dash cam that uses the latest generation of the SONY IMX415 image sensor. This top-line sensor has an extended recording distance and clarification of obstacles that are hard to read with the naked Read more
  9. 7 Clothing Items That While Driving Could Land A £5k Fine

    7 Clothing Items That While Driving Could Land A £5k Fine You could find yourself with a £100 on-the-spot fine and three penalty points for careless driving if you wear inappropriate clothing that restricts you from manoeuvring correctly. If the incident goes to court, the penalty could go up to a £5,000 fine, nine penalty points and even a driving ban. Rule 97 of the Highway Code states that "the Read more
  10. Pure NEW Firmware 0700!

    Pure NEW Firmware 0700! Who said libraries were dull? Road Angel reveals major firmware investment Get ready for some serious upgrades over the next 12 months, as today we can reveal that Road Angel is re-investing in our Pure products - this time in the latest firmware. The move will make our database even better, with the free Road Speed Library (RSL) now boasting Read more

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