Road Safety

Pure Speed Camera Detectors

Speeding and mobile phones are major factors in road traffic collisions

Pure helps you control your speed and remove the need to look at your phone

Over Speed Alerts

Road Angel Pure knows two key things - your speed and the speed limit of the road you are on.

Evolving with new laws around mobile phone use while driving

Pure gives you Hands Free Alerts

Drivers who use hand-held phones in any way behind the wheel will face £200 fines and possible bans when changes in the law take account of Smart phones. Set the Pure Touch before commencing a journey and it will ensure you are audibly alerted as you drive. Even the Pure Vision with it’s Dash Cam record and playback capabilities cannot be viewed whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Overspeed Alerts

Congestion Zone

Red Light Cameras

Average Speed Camera

Dual Laser

Bus Lane

School Zone

Mobile Vans

Speed on Green


6,000 Motorists are caught speeding every day

Safety Camera Alerts

The Pure alerts you to all Fixed Safety Cameras, ensuring you can make informed decisions and drive as safely as possible.



Gatso Combi

Gatso RS-G11


Helping you keep your eyes on the road for safer driving

Audio Alerts

Taking your eyes off the road whilst driving increases the risk of crashing as it limits your ability to recognise hazards and affects reaction times. With our Audio alerts, you never miss an instruction or have to take your eyes off the road again.

You could be a careful driver

But you're still more likely to be caught by mobile speeding vans

Camera Van Alerts

Wherever you are and wherever they are, the Pure detects Mobile Camera Vans, Laser Guns and Average Speed cameras.