Can Dash Cams and Speed Camera Detectors promote eco-driving?

Can Dash Cams and Speed Camera Detectors promote eco-driving?

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As we enter a world where more and more cameras exist and technologies are introduced to achieve greater road safety, there are in-car gadgets out there that can aid you in better driving habits, whilst aiding a positive contribution to environmental driving.

Dash Cams

Dash Cams, whilst their primary purpose is to record everything that happens around your vehicle, there are numerous other features that come included in our Dash Cams, enter our Halo Dash Cam range.

Our Dash Cam Features

G Sensor: The G Sensor built into our dash cams measures everything from cornering, through to acceleration and braking - pivotal to better driving habits.

GPS: Built-in GPS allows for further telematics to be observed, such as location, time and speed, which are great for eco-driving.

ADAS Technology: Advanced Driver-Assisted Systems, work with the driver to determine such factors, like pedestrians, vehicle proximity, lane departure violations and other potential hazards, which can raise awareness to driving habits.

Journey Recording: Learn from previous journeys and find out easier, more fuel & time-efficient routes which improves your environmental footprint, whilst potentially saving money through shorter routes.

Parking Mode: This may a little bit farfetched, but we think it's still relevant! With parking recordings you can ensure you park in the safest place possible, after looking back at previous footage captured whilst parked and determining if there is a reoccurrence of any misbehaviour.

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Speed Camera Detectors

Speed Camera Detectors aren't actually designed to stop you getting caught by speed camera, they're designed to ensure you know the speed limit, to warn you of overspeed and to inform you if there is an upcoming speed camera, which encourages you to drop your speed to below the speed limit (not too much though!).

Our Speed Camera Detector Features

Speed Camera Detection: Our Speed Camera Detectors detect any and all speed cameras, helping you change your driving habits to accommodate for speed limit changes and ensuring you're staying under the speed limit.

Mobile Speed Camera Vans Detector: Mobile Speed Camera Vans are usually in place due to a spike in accidents or collisions within an area, and are positioned strategically, so our Speed Camera Detectors help raise that issue and helps you strategise your journey better.

Smart Motorway Changes: Smart Motorways' speed limits can change at a moments notice, sometimes without you realising. Our Speed Camera Detector alerts you to this change in speed limit as soon as they happen.

Lane Closure Notifications: Our lane closure notifications help you along your journey with plenty of notice, allowing you to not get caught out and make smarter decisions on the road.

Bus Lanes Identifier: Ever wondered if you're about the enter into an active bus lane? Well our Speed Camera Detectors also notify you of bus lanes, making sure you know in plenty of time.

Red Light Cameras Spotter: Our Speed Camera Detectors help you identify red light cameras, raising caution to the situation around you - which extends to improving driving habits based on harsh braking due to red lights.

Real-time Congestion & Roadworks Information: We help you navigate your journey better by notifying you of congestion and roadworks, which in turn impact your driving habits, environmental issues & your journey management.

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